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Why People Choose Tai Fang?

Appreciate the unique terrain and ideal growing conditions of Taiwan to cultivate world-class Taiwan tea.

The high quality of our tea and our integrity is the eternal business concept for Tai Fang Tea over the past 30 years and into the future.


You are always more than welcome to enjoy a cup of world-class, fragrant tea from Taiwan in our Tai Fang Tea store.

Lishan Oolong Tea

Lishan Oolong tea is hand-picked oolong tea, located at an altitude of 1,600 to 2,600 meters. Lishan is a region of low temperatures all year round, so the tea trees are in a perfect high-quality environment for cultivation. Lishan Tea is harvested three times a year:fall, winter and spring, when the tea plants grow new buds. The production of Lishan tea is rare. Li Shan oolong tea brews a rich, highly fragrant tea, leaving a smooth, robust flavor in the mouth.

Dayuling Oolong Tea

Dayuling oolong tea is the best oolong tea in Taiwan. Dayuling oolong tea plantations are located at around 2,565 meters altitude. This area has a low temperature throughout the year. The average annual temperature is around 20℃ and the temperature varies from day to night, so it is in a perfect condition for cultivating tea plants. Dayuling oolong is harvested only two times a year, in spring and winter, because the tea leaves grow slowly. Dayuling oolong leaves are thick, with a floral and buttery flavor profile. Tea connoisseurs can instantly recognize the unique taste and aroma of Dayuling oolong tea.

Alishan Jin Xuan Tea

Alishan Jin Xuan oolong tea is a hand-plcked high mountain tea from Alishan.  The tea plantations in Alishan are located at altitudes of 700 ~ 1,300m - the most ideal environment and climate to grow this tea.
Alishan Jin Xuan oolong tea is made from Jin Xuan tea grown in Alishan. Due to its experiment code is 2027, most people call it 27. Ali Shan oolong tea has a sweet taste and refined aroma. Each brewing brings out mellow flavors and taste sensations. Ali Shan tea has a complexity that provides continuous nuances with every cup.


Shan Lin Xi Teas

Shan Lin Xi Teas are planted from altitudes of 1,200-1,600 meters above sea level and its misty cool mountain environment make it an ideal fertile ground for growing tea. Shan Ling Xi wu long has an exquisitely smooth taste with just a hint of flowers.


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